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Your friendly trainer - Mentor of Merit – Mrs. Vivacious – Mrs. Karnataka – Mrs. Bangalore

As her contribution to all the girls and ladies who have supported her all these years, she is running a school under the name of Veena Vani Wellness Center. This covers Personality, Grooming and complete make-over workshops which would prepare girls and ladies to meet all the challenges in their lives. She has groomed several celebrities, theatre personalities, model aspirants, socialites and a few Miss India contestants

1. Veena Bhat's all grooming students have won the beauty pageants in which they have contested nationally and internationally.
2. Corporate training for employees in a builder's firm.
3. Trained children and was in the advisory board of Kair kids fashion Italian runway.
4. Won the best woman entrepreneur's award for the achievements in her field.
4. Trained the MBA students in Symbiosis Bangalore from past 5years in personality development.
6. Confidence building and Make-overs for people of all walks of life is her forte.

If you are looking for an able trainer who can elevate your confidence, shape you up and guide you to a successful career in Modeling and the glamour world, you have come to the right place!
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